The Open APC initiative releases data sets on fees paid for Open Access journal articles by universities and research institutions under an Open Database License.

Select a region from the map or use the list below to view APC data for individual institutions.
You may also browse the following aggregated collections:

  • The OpenAPC data set is an aggregation of all institutional APC data.
  • The BPC data set aggregates expenditure data on OA monographs (also called BPCs or Book Processing Charges)
  • The Transformative Agreements data set contains articles published under transformative deals such as the Springer Compact agreements.
  • The combined data set combines cost data from both the OpenAPC and the Transformative Agreements collections.
  • The Springer Compact coverage is a special view on the Transformative Agreements data set, combining it with journal total article numbers to determine the coverage of SCA contracts.
  • The DEAL data set shows cost data on publishing under the German DEAL agreement with Wiley and Springer Nature.